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About Qwes Kross
At a time in the music industry when artists are molded into cookie cutter pop images; where Rap artists resort to recycling beats and creativity is a rare commodity, Qwes managed to desist from the conventional tactics by creating his own unique concoction of cultural influenced music. With a passion for music bubbling inside him at age 12, Qwes was certain a career in entertainment was waiting for him. At a young age his talent as an entertainer flowed naturally as he took part in school plays and talent shows. His street credibility exploded from his corner street rapping and dancing days and eventually led him to perform at some of the hottest clubs in NYC where he grew up. Gradually Qwes grew into a performer, the help of his friend KEV pushed him into mastering the art of lyrics. However, Qwes wanted to ensure he would be ready for the music industry, to do this he attained a business degree which provided him with the essentials of marketing. Ready to share his talent and equipped with the necessary tools Qwes was strongly pursuing his passion.

Confidently convinced that his style was hot and his message inspirational, the driven young star offered a taste of his music to industry professionals landing him a record deal with Universal Music, the label responsible for hot artists such as Nelly,Akon and Lil Wayne and Cash Money. Qwes released his first single "HUSH BOUNCE" a hot party joint with heart palpitating bass, killer flow, and innovative lyrics. "Hush Bounce" was a successful introductory single for Qwes. It was a small sample of what he had waiting for his critics and fans. Other tracks on his upcoming album include an array of cultural and street influenced music ranging from Indian, Latin, Krunk,Dance and Caribbean Dancehall; they comprise what is to be the next .. group of billboard chart toppers. With much love and appreciation for his roots NYC, ATL and MIAMI,LA Qwes has shown he can hold it down for the streets, that's why the album features tracks like, "LOVE JUICE" It has not only a World Dance Flava but the song simultaneously blends an World Dance Rap vibe with just the right touch of Rap/Pop. And just for the ladies he offers penetrating sexy jams such as "Stuck 2 U." Qwes Kross is already known for his numerous performances at places like Club Mansion Miami, Zoe's Summer Groove, MTV/TMF AWARDS BELGIUM, 944 Magazines and HIN/REMIX CAR SHOW TOURS.

His collaborations range from tracks with the RB, Juvenille, Akon, to Ludacris, Nelly, and has worked with talented producers such as ,Soul Diggas,Breakfast Club,Wicks,DJ Dilia and PTB BEATS,HUSH,TC and Scott Storch who has produced tunes for Beyonce. Inspired to rap by his love for music, and the ability to share positive messages with the world proves Qwes possesses immense staying power in the music industry. Positive, driven and unique in his delivery, ensures that Qwes's position in the industry will be secured. Summarizing his approach to the music game Qwes says, "The politics and money distracts artists from the whole point of music... "Artists should have fun with music, make people dance, display unique skills and entertain, and that's what I'm about." Truly gifted and not just another rapper Qwes is a perfect combination of a natural derivative performer, an articulate lyricist and a distinguished entertainer makes Qwes a force to be reckoned with in the Music Industry.

Qwes Released Hush Bounce which was on Universal Records and Now is Preparing his Official Release with 50/50 Music Inc./Konvict Muzik Intl.

Hush Bounce went on to land him in the Video Game World Street Racing Syndicate.www.srsgame.com which was distribute World Wide. This Game gave Qwes Kross media Blitz in the Video Game World and gave him a great fan base to follow through with his intro new single My Favorite Model, My Favorite Girl very soon as a intro single.

Qwes Kross has also done a great deal of work with Oakley Sunglasses, and now Gunnars,HIN TOUR, Remix Tour, and this is a major success towards his career and growth in the industry. Qwes Kross has toured with HIN on a 18 city tour to campaign his single and Album to come soon. (www.hinevents.com) And Now currently the Remix Tour which was 10 dateswww.remixevents.com

2010 was good 2011 is going to be a great yr. as he just shot his first 3D music video in Seoul South Korea Called Dancing by The Fire w/On-Spot Korea artist Zahra Directed by Rod On Jr., look for more on Qwes Kross to come very soon. LB PR FIRM INC. LONDON BASED


  1. Let me be the first to bless the page. Nuff respect brethren. Blessed. One love to the whole fam. Mel i see you. With Gods' speed..

  2. Qwes this is Chiddy its been a blessing working with you all along and wish you nothing but fruitful success ahed you. Lets rock full speed 2011 is indeed taking over year. 50-50 Konvict Muzik World & Bongo Republic.